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            3 killed, "armed and dangerous" suspect sought after crime spree in Oregon

            Editor's note: The suspect in the killings turned himself in on Sunday. Read the latest updates here.

            Police are searching for a suspect believed to have killed three people in wave of violence that included a hit-and-run crash and a shooting at a pot shop in a small Oregon city. Police in the coastal city of North Bend described the suspect as "armed and dangerous."

            Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier said that a married couple had been run over by a pickup truck Friday in North Bend, about 220 miles southwest of Portland. Police identified the victims Saturday as 74-year-old Anthony Oyster, who died at the scene, and his wife, 73-year-old Linda Oyster, who remained in the hospital in critical condition Saturday. 

            A suspect is believed to have killed three people in wave of violence that included a hit-and-run crash and a shooting at a pot shop in North Bend, Oregon, police said. North Bend Police

            A few minutes after the wreck, Frasier said police received reports of gunshots at a cannabis shop, Herbal Choices Marijuana Dispensary, where police said 47-year-old Jennifer Davidson was found dead.

            Officials believe the same suspect is responsible for the shooting and the hit-and-run crash. After the shooting, Frasier said the suspect went to a nearby sporting goods store and bought more ammunition.

            Meanwhile, police had gone back to the RV park to search a trailer that was registered to the same person as the truck and found a body believed to belong to the owner of both, Frasier said. The prosecutor did not say how that victim died but that "there is no question in my mind this person died of homicidal violence."

            Police did not release the name of the person found dead in the trailer, saying that they had not been able to notify that person's next-of-kin.

            Police said Saturday they had still not been able to identify the suspect and his current location remained unknown. 

            Police released several images of the suspect, who was described as a white man, 6'02" and weighing approximately 200lbs. He has short hair and is wearing a dark shirt and jeans, police said.

            Police began searching for a white 2019 Dodge 3500 pickup, which was later found on a highway north of where the killings took place. The truck had crashed and been set on fire, Frasier said.

            A witness told investigators that the driver appeared to be armed with a handgun at the time of the crash and had run into the woods. Law enforcement agencies were conducting a manhunt in the woods, Frasier said.

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